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Jim Louis is a natural in front of the computer.  He's ability to produce websites at the lowest effective cost for the client is amazing.  Jim Louis manages over 11 Different websites.  Checkout a few of his works and  If you have a project that is spiraling out of control and need someone to help get everyone back on track.  That is Jim!  If you are looking for the most bang out of your small web budget.  That is Jim!   If you need someone to convert your website so it is easier for you to update and control.  That is Jim! 


Jim Louis love to act and go improv.   If you need someone who can come in learn a few lines and need results quick.  That is Jim!.  If you need an actor that needs little direction on understanding the role he is given.  That is Jim! If you are looking for someone to play a part tailored for a middle aged balding man.  That is Jim! 


Event - Landscape - Portrait Photorgrapher

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